In 2010, a passion-driven cadre rose from the sands of Pilani, handicapped by location even before inception. The team paid no heed to the obstacles at hand as they began their journey in the realm of racecar engineering. Inspired Karters is the Formula Student team of Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani campus, currently designing the 5th version of their dream. The team has tasted the roads of Italy, Hungary, Coimbatore and New Delhi in the last 6 years with constant edification in this never-ending journey towards technological brilliance. The mission of our team is to build an open wheel, open cockpit, formula type racecar, bound by certain rules, studied around the driver and driven by the team's sheer love for motorsports. To do this, the team is required to have to have a fundamental knowledge of the theoretical aspects of science required to build any machine. But what is more important is innovation and the practicality that goes into making the monster roar down the track. With a 60+ member strong team, a newly set up Controls subsystem, a new 390cc engine and fire in our hearts, we’re prepared for the upcoming season.


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You guys+girls are fantastic and make India SUPER PROUD !!!! Continue to Innovate+Challenge yourselves and the world

Lots of Love

Manasi Kirloskar Executive Director of Kirloskar Systems Ltd.

So I was just shown around the IK teams and saw the Formula Student car and the BAJA car and I guess the main thing that comes to mind is that the 35 people right around me know way more about cars than I do. I haven’t owned a car myself in fifteen years. So when my car breaks down, I have to go take it to somebody and they charge me, you know, thousand dollars to take care of it and all these people are now friends enough that I can just pull any of them over and have them fix it for me. So I’m glad I met them, I’ll bring them all back to Boston, when I get a car, and we can fix it together and they can teach me some.

Jeff Lieberman Time Warp, Discovery Channel

Great team!

Great work!

Amazing car!

Inspired Karters is one of the best organized teams,
working at
such a huge level.

Dr. Priti G. Adani Chairperson, Adani Foundation